Displaying is a good opportunity to gain insight, so I actively exhibit what we have created.

Kininaruki - Be in"tree"sted in (2019)

International Virtual Reality Contest 2019@SCIENCE AGORA, Tokyo, 2 days.
4 members (my role: tangible device developer).
: Laval Virtual Award
Paper Video

BulkScreen (2019)

SXSW 2019, Austin, 4 days
4 members (my role: ML engineer).


I like writing codes and developing products as a team, so I actively start projects with my friends.

European Data Incubator (2020)

Analysis on missing data in smart meter readings.
Funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme.
5 members (my role: lead data scientist).

White Paper Project

Juken 7 calculation practice apps (2019)

Entrusted development: link
iOS+Android applications of math questions for exam preparation.
2 members (my role: project manager, software engineer).

Swift / Flatter

Relief (2019)

iOS application for refugees to find nearest camps.
5 members (my role: ML engineer).

Swift (CoreML) / Python (Chainer)

PicDoc (2019)

iOS application for recognizing pictogram.
5 members (my role: ML engineer).
: Spajam Hackathon Tokyo League, 1st prize

Python (Chainer)

JEPX Price Checker (2018)

Entrusted development: link
A service that allows you to understand at a glance the power trading price at the Japan Wholesale Power Exchange JEPX and receive it daily via email.
3 members (my role: project management, server development).

Event Camera Library (2018)

IPA Mitou Advanced Program.
Open source library for handling event camera written in C++.
2 core members and other contributors.

Your Pacifier (2017)

Smart pacifier with a built-in humidity sensor for babies and their parents.
: Stanford Health Hackathon 3rd prize & design prize,
: James Dyson Award 2018 1st prize in Japan
6 members (my role: software engineer).

Paper Video Project

LoverDuck (2017)

Duck-type device that detects anomaly in the bathtub.
: JPHacks 2017 Innovator Award & three company prizes
5 members (my role: IMU-basesd sensing developer).

Slide Video 

BattleMC Bot (2016)

Chatbot for freestyle rap.
: AI chat bot hackathon, 1st prize
4 members (my role: software engineer).